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Boot Debian from USB disk


There was a HOWTO do this by George Hein on May 12 2006, that shows up on Google but is absent from Debian mailing lists.

Roberto answered the post by asking if George would add it to the Wiki. To which there was no answer.

I would like to do this but am running Lilo and George ran grub.

Is this such a rarity? Has anybody done this? How?

I tried it with Lilo and ended up with an Error 0X01:

0x01 "Illegal command". This shouldn't happen, but if it does, it may indicate an attempt to access a disk which is not supported by the BIOS. See also "Warning: BIOS drive 0x<number> may not be accessible" in section "Warnings".

This is a very common ATA Seagate disk that is in an external enclosure with a cooling fan and mounts/accesses just fine on Sid.


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