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Re: Cannot compile kernel

On 12/9/06, Leslie Rhorer <lrhorer@satx.rr.com> wrote:

"Leslie Rhorer" <lrhorer@satx.rr.com> wrote in message
>I have installed Sarge on an e-machines desktop system, and it's working
>very well, but I am having two problems with LAN access.  I'll detail the
>first here, and hopefully someone can help.  The LAN works pretty well on
>the embeded 100M Ethernet controller, but I want to use a 1000M Zyxel
>controller.  I installed both the kernel source package (2.4.27) and
>Ncurses, but when I try to run make xconfig, it bombs out becasue it can't
>find the wish command.  (Neither can I.)  If  I try to compile menuconfig,
>it bombs saying Ncurses is not installed.  Dpkg says the Ncurses base and
>all implied packages are installed.  If I try to compile the Ethernet
>driver, it complains it can't find the kernel source.  How should I

Oh, by the way, if I try to manage the Kernel from the KDE Control Center,
it complains, "No hardware architecture was specified!  Perhaps the Kernel
source code is not installed on this system, or the path to the Kernel
sources is entered incorrectly."  The displayed path to the Kernel sources
is /usr/src/linux.  I have the kernel source in
/usr/src/linux/kernel-source-2.4.27.  The hardware architecture drop-down is
blank, and cannot be changed.

You have to install the development files for ncurses in order to use
menuconfig. The package is called libncurses5-dev. Always install the
development package when you're going to compile something.
Wish is provided by the tk package (apt-cache search tk), then you'll
have to install the Qt libraries I guess.
Hope this helps.


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