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KDE login

I'm running KDE under Debian Sarge, and it won't allow me to log in as root. 
I need to be able to do this, and a root login works fine on the machine 
running Woody.  How can I configure this newer version of  KDE to allow root 
logins?  Also, when I use XDMCP to log in to the old machine running Woody, 
the login script pops up virtually immediately upon opening the X-session in 
the X-server, but when I open an X-session to the new machine running Sarge, 
it takes overe a minute for the login script to pop up.  The new machine has 
*MUCH* more horsepower than the old machine, and indeed once the login is 
complete, the new machine's performance is extremely good, but both when 
starting the X-sesion and after logging out, it takes better than a minute 
for the login to appear.  Is there some way to eliminate this delay? 

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