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Re: Question

Jose -
If either of these laptops are new, I suggest "etch."  I tried installing "sarge" on my Thinkpad - and it wasn't successful.  I have "etch" installed and I'm quite pleased with it.
- Sebastian

On 12/8/06, JOSE CHOMBA <joanchoma@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hello, I just download the 2 image of Debian Sarge 3.1 r3 on DVD and I'm trying to install it in my 2 laptops, and I can't the first Laptop is a Compaq Presario 2100 the problem is when I boot it from the dvd, it loads, but when the installer asks me about the language it freezes i mean i can't select anyting i have to power it off, the second laptop is a Hp pavilion zx5000 and it start to load and boot but the language doesn't even shows i mean the screen comes to compleatly dark, i have to press ctrl+alt+del to start again, i have another version of Debian 3.0 Woody (7 disks) and in my compaq presario 2100 boots, and everything i mean i can select , i start the linux and linux swap partitions and everything but when it has to copy the files it tells me that there is a problem with the cd, and asks me for a manual configuration or a mount driver, or something like i mean i can't finish the installation, so is there any solution to my problems ?? because i have linux in my desktop but i really need it my laptopsm thanks for the time.
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