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Re: gnome-cd will not play, sound-juicer segfaults. vlc has no problems

On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 09:44:26PM +0100, Leiv Hellebo wrote:
> Hi,
> For a couple of weeks I have been unable to rip CDs, and play audio CDs. 
> Mounting CD roms is not a problem (and I am not trying to mount audio 
> CDs). I can play audio CDs with vlc just fine, but I am not interested 
> in playing CDs, I want the darned audio in flacs on hard disk!
> Sound-juicer starts up all fine, getting the CD information from 
> MusicBrainz, but when I click "Extract", it displays
>    "Sound Juicer could not extract this CD. Reason:
>     This CD has no audio tracks"
>    Clicking ok gives:
>    "SJ could not extract. Reason: Error starting ripping pipeline"
> Called from the command line, the following extra is displayed:
> GLib-CRITICAL **: g_source_remove: assertion `tag > 0' failed
> And dmesg reports a segfault.
> --
> Gnome-cd displays "Drive Error"
> Called from the command line, it keeps printing
>     "ERROR: This CD has no audio tracks"

gnome-cd and sound-juicer both depend on gstreamer stuff so maybe the
problem lies there. try a ripper that does not depend on
gstreamer. maybe ripperx or grip


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