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trying to combine apt-cdrom and apt-get install.....

Dear Debian folks,

I have been trying to get away from the dreaded 15 CD set and substitute it with the much wiser 2 DVDs for Sarge 3.1.

I reinstalled the Sarge 3.1 r3 and this resulted in both the CD drive and the DVD drive being detected and two nice icons being made one for each in gnome and also two /media/cdrom0 and /media/cdrom1 symbolic links one for the CD drive and the other for the DVD.

Also I managed to specify the DVD with apt-cdrom -d/media/cdrom1 add (I think it was cdrom1) and it then read in the DVD images for Sarge 3.1 r4 and upgraded everything and inhaled all the packages after I had installed Sarge 3.1r3 with only 4 of the smelly old 15 CD set I am trying to get away from.

I thought I ahd finally got rid of them on this machine and began to feel a bit smarter.

But they are sneaking back in to my life again.  I now feel dumber.

I am trying to install a package using apt-get install......

The OS responded by requesting binary 1 for Sarge 3.1r4 and expected to be inserted in the CD drive not DVD drive.....

It was asking for the first CD in a set of CDs I don't actually have, Mine are for Sarge 3.1 r3.

So it would ignore them.

But maybe there is some smart way to combine the apt-cdrom -d/media/cdrom1 stuff with apt-get install so that I can specify the DVD drive.....

Suggestions are welcome here.......


Michael Fothergill

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