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google earth and graphics drivers


I'm trying to use Google Earth. Every time I run it I get the following message:

You are currently running Google Earth in 'OpenGL' with software emulation. In this mode, Google Earth will work but it will run very slowly. If you want to run Google Earth more quickly we suggest that you upgrade your graphics card driver. We only recommend this if you are comfortable doing software upgrades...

I have a Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset. I checked on the intel website and found this page:


I don't understand all that's involved here, so I'm a bit reluctant to move forward without any advice.


How do I find out what drivers are currently on my system?
(Debian Etch)

Is it possible to upgrade my drivers with aptitude? Can I get newer ones from Sid?

If I can't upgrade from the reps, which driver do I need from Intel? The Mesa 3D GL?

The Intel site mentions a quick-start kit, which apparently includes pre-built drivers for Debian, but it requires you fill out a survey before you can download them. I filled out the survey, but the "Finish" button doesn't respond so I can't proceed with the download.

Any advice on how to proceed would be great!



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