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Re: Are lilo and grub compatible?

Mike McCarty wrote:
José Alburquerque wrote:
As far as I know, lilo and grub are mutually exclusive because both are

Nope. GRUB may be installed in any Boot Record, not just the Master
Boot Record. For example, on my machine, I do not have GRUB on my
MBR. I use Microsoft's MBR, and use the Windows XP Boot Manager to
load GRUB from a file on my XP file system. I did that by installing
it to a BR (not the MBR) on my disc, and ripping it to a file.

Yes, you're right about that. GRUB can be installed in any BR (of any partition) and in that way grub and lilo *are not* mutually exclusive. But if you're planning on installing grub or lilo on the mbr then I think that they indeed are mutually exclusive. (Am I right on this?)

I suppose I was too quick to generalize for the sake of simplifying but was wrong to do so. :-)

As far as I know, no matter which boot-loader is installed on your master boot record, a bootdisk overrides the boot-loader. In fact, even

What matters is which boot loader gets loaded by the bootstrap
in the firmware BIOS. One may have any number of boot loaders
on disc. Only the one loaded into memory by the BIOS is the
one executed. This does not have to come from a "bootdisk", whatever
that may be.

Again, you're right because I over simplified. :-) I sort of forgot that the loading order can be changed in the BIOS!
[snip some good advice]

Thanks for correcting!

Jose Alburquerque

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