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Re: Are lilo and grub compatible?

On Thu, Dec 07, 2006 at 02:54:11PM -0500, hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
> I have an emergency boot disk -- a floppy on which lilo wrote an MBR.
> It works fine.  I use it to dual-boot a functinoal sarge and a severely 
> broken etch (well, actually the etch doesn't boot).
> The etch installer's lilo won't run.  I could try running the installer 
> again and telling it to try grub, but I'm afraid that that might change 
> something that the sarge-installed lilo uses when I boot from floppy.
> If the etch installer's grub fails like its lilo, I'm kind of afrais 
> that I will have no way of booting at all.


I would suggest you make yourself a grub-disk.  Its available from the
grub-disk package.  Its a floppy image for people who want a grub-disk
but don't have grub installed on their box so can't make their own.

This sounds like you.

The disk it makes gives you a generic menu.lst but you can edit that to
your situation.  You can also just access the grub command line.

For me, the advantage of grub is that you can change things on the fly;
you can't do this with lilo.

Why not switch the sarge partition over to grub too?


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