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Installation problem

With a Debian CD, which was made from debian-31r4-i386-netinst.iso,
I tried to install Debian GNU/Linux on my new PC but failed.

The installation was stopped since "No partitionable media were found".
It shows as the following:

No partitionable media were found.
Please check that a hard disk is attached to this machine.

However, my hard disk (IDE) is all right since I can install a
RedHat system through hard disk method (the same problem if
through CD-ROM). I guess that my mainboard of Intel 945GZ
is not well supported by the current version?

So my question is how can I install Debian on this PC? If there
is no way to install from CD-ROM, can I do it through hard disk

Thanks for your attention and look forward to the reply.

Best regards,


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