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Re: is there a way to convert ntfs to ext or reiser ?

On 06.12.06 10:11, Jabka Atu wrote:
> Hello , id like to convert my 120 Gb ntfs parttion to ext3 or to 
> reiserfs (the files are about  1gb each ) .

ntfs drivers in linux can read from NTFS partitions. however I don't know
about any program that can "convert" the filesystem while preserving the
data (maybe programs like partitionmagic able to do that). I think, even
such program would advise you backing up the data first.

So, you can simply copy/backup the data out, format the FS as ext3/reisersfs
and restore them back. However, access rights/restrictions will probably not
be preserved. Also, check if the backup is OK, to avoid loosing data.

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