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Re: [man-lug] Minimal Linux Distrib

From: "Giacomo Lacava" <g.lacava@gmail.com>
To: man-lug@lists.manchester.ac.uk
Subject: Re: [man-lug] Minimal Linux Distrib
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 15:24:34 +0000

If you don't need X, you can go for a heavily stripped-down Debian,
Slackware or Gentoo... or if you feel like learning, there's always Linux
From Scratch  <ducking to avoid LUGradio flames>.


On 06/12/06, Alban Pearce <A.Pearce@salford.ac.uk> wrote:

I have a Old SFF Pc It's a Digital Box Up until The
Novell / Microsooft deal to Fubar the GPL (see www.groklaw.net) it was
my (Home) NetWare 4.11 server
I have copied all the files off it so GOODBYE Novell ...

So now the Difficult Bit What distro do I Use

Use Debian..................

It recognizes old hardware well.

Michael Fothergill

It only needs to store mail and maybe ldap or ftp
So I don't need X...

The Hardware Spec Is AMD 586Dx4 100 66BogoMips WOW 32Mb EDO RAM Floppy
ISA BUS NO PCI 3c509B network card

Internal video mouse 2 ser par 20Gb Hdd (I found a newer disk)
External DVD It will Plug on The Ide CABLE for initial Install

Caveats the install has to boot from floppy
There is no pci bus I think the Board is Pre PNP

Why am I keeping it its only 8"x10"x2"


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Giacomo Lacava

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