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Something different -- playing with the Hurd

Okay, so I'm bored.

Linux may be getting too complete, easy, and stable.  ;-)

So, what's a geek to do?  *BSD?  Nawww, too mature, and I don't like to
wander too far away from the Debian community  (yes, there's Debian
GNU/kFreeBSD, but...).  So, enter Debian GNU/HURD as an interesting

It's not too problematic to get going, almost too easy as well, but no
automatic installer and a bit of manual work is required.  A lot of
Unstable seems to be working except for notably Aptitude.  Dselect is
there.  Shudder!

There are rough edges as DHCP doesn't work so the network must be
manually configured each time.  The Debian bits seem to be as easy as
on Linux while the Hurd bits seem to be the most immature.

As I said, an interesting diversion and something different to learn
about.  Anyone else giving the Hurd a spin?

- Nate >>

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