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Re: postfix relay smtp authentication

On Wed, Dec 06, 2006 at 12:13:26AM +0100, Martin Fuzzey wrote:
> This works BUT only for a single user since the postfix version in sarge 
> (2.1.5) doesn't implement the smtp_sender_dependent_authentication 
> option and my ISP actually wants the correct password for each email 
> address (not just a single one for all addresses associated with the 
> account.

I've not used postfix, but maybe this can help. I use exim4 with a
smarthost and only use one of several accounts to send the mail. The
headers in the outgoing mail have various return/from addresses, but
we only login to the smtp host using one of those accounts. so whether
mail actually comes from bob or joe or mary, the mailserver here logs
into the smtp server as joe and then sends the message. ymmv.


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