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Re: New PC, new install, new problems!

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
> Truer words were never spoken, but...
> It is extremely difficult to get before the purchase answers of more
> recent mobo's. E.g. try to get a Linux perspective from any of the
> hundreds of boards available thru NewEgg.
> You end up in an unending search of mobo manufacturers forums to see if
> anyone said anything about Linux. When you find an answer... the mobo is
> no longer available.
> The Linux databases that *are* available are almost always for stuff
> that is outdated.

There are manufacturers/computer sellers that sell hardware with linux
preinstalled or that is claimed to work with linux. We are just about to
buy two machines from two different companies that are supposed to work
on some kind of suse. Comparing the respective kernel versions with the
ones from sarge/etch, at least I am rather confident to get them working
with debian, although I am not perfectly sure, that there won't be any

The particular manufacturer the OP talked about is famous for multimedia
pcs targeted at people who buy such stuff at grocery stores in Germany.
He claimed that he bought his at a grocery discounter. These type of
computer manufacturers constantly change the hardware layout of their
computers, because they either find a cheaper MB, dvd-drive etc., or
because they want to outdo the competition by supporting 37 different
memory cards (appropriatly advertised in big letters) at the cheapest
price, etc., etc., etc.

I would never expect that too much of the hardware of such a computer
works for linux out of the box. It is simply not targeted at users who
are interested in anything except the shiny box and a full list of
features in bold letters.

> I'd like to hear of just one example of a recent mobo that is discussed
> anywhere from a Linux perspective.

transtec is a company in germany that sell many of their pcs / notebooks
with linux preinstalled. IBM also sells computers (now only servers)
that are designed to work with linux.


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