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Re: New PC, new install, new problems!

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
Mauro Condarelli wrote:
Hi All, I Jut bought a new PC (Aldi/Medion-8818). It runs fine with
its preinstalled Windows Media Edition. I tried a couple of recent
Linux live-CDs (Knoppix 5.0 & latest Ubuntu, both debian-based) and
both failed to fully recognize my hardware. Most notably the SATA
disks were not seen. Before I wipe what's working, could someone
confirm I can successfully install debian on this machine? I would
like precise instructions about modules to load at startup and/or
boot parameters to give on the command-line (if any). As said I have
reasons to doubt the installation will be painless.

Why don't you just give it a try? Backup of course before, that's true
for whenever you change your partition and have important data to keep.

If debian's installer doesn't recognize your SATA, it won't be able to
destroy your present stuff. It is also capable of resizing existing M$
partitions. No need to wipe sth off just to try debian.

If sarge's installer doesn't work, you could also try testing aka etch.

On a side issue: What TV handling / PVR program would You advise?

I use kaffeine and am happy with it, since it is easy to configure/use.


NB: If one buys a computer to be used with linux, it is worthwhile to
inquire compatibility _before_ getting the machine. (This is even more
true for laptop, since it is more difficult to exchange proprietary

Truer words were never spoken, but...
It is extremely difficult to get before the purchase answers of more recent mobo's. E.g. try to get a Linux perspective from any of the hundreds of boards available thru NewEgg.

You end up in an unending search of mobo manufacturers forums to see if anyone said anything about Linux. When you find an answer... the mobo is no longer available.

The Linux databases that *are* available are almost always for stuff that is outdated.

I'd like to hear of just one example of a recent mobo that is discussed anywhere from a Linux perspective.


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