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debian etch and xen


I have been using Debian for many years now and I think it is great and
I would run it on my coffee machine if I had one. But right now, I have
a few questions that I could not find an answer for yet and maybe some
of you can help me.

1. I was wondering if anybody could tell me why there is a PAE enabled
version of xen in the package repository but no kernel that can run on
it? It least none I could find.

2. Related to the question above is the following. I am usually content
with running the packages as they are, but due to the missing kernel
(see 1.) I tried to recompile that package from the source package with
a modified configuration. Now this source package doesn't only build
this one kernel, but it build basically all the kernel plus
documentation and and and, which takes forever. So I tried to find a way
to only build the one binary package instead of all kernel, but being no
expert in the build system, I miserably failed. So is there any way to
build only one specific binary package out of a source package? If not,
is there at least some way to tell the build system how many threads to
start in case you have an SMP machine?

3. Actually I do not need PAE, I could just install the 64bit version of
Debian Etch and be happy, but so far I have not heard much about
stability, usability, software availability etc for the 64bit version.
Can anyone share his/her experiences with running xen on a 64bit Etch
and maybe software like Suns Java VM. Does it make a difference if the
machine in question has an Intel processor with 64bit support as opposed
to an AMD 64bit processor? Everywhere the 64bit port is mentioned it
sais AMD64 port. According to the webpage, Intel is supported, but is it
as stable as AMD?
Another question that is maybe not so Debian related would be if Xen on
a 64bit Etch can run 32bit guests.

I would be very nice if someone would now the answers to one or even all
of these questions.

Thanks a lot in advance


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