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Re: Deleting Debian - Enough's enough

If your plan is to completely eliminate Debian and re-install with Ubuntu, then just boot from the Ubuntu install disk.

When asked what to do with hard disk partitioning, choose to use the whole disk, or manually create new partitions. Do *not* choose anything suggestion preserving existing data. This will remove and recreate partitions, *destroying* all existing data.

When installing the boot loader, you may select whatever you like. It will overwrite the existing boot loader with your new selection, configured for your new disk environment.

Done :-)


Mike McCarty wrote:
Baz wrote:
What happens to GRUB if I simply delete the Debian partition? And, if I'm
looking to install Ubuntu, will it simply overwrite Debian?

You'll lose your menu at least. Also, you will lose the ability
for it to read your file system(s). I think it would be best
to re-install GRUB after putting Ubuntu in.


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