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Re: dual layered DVD's vs single layer etc....

On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 08:04:11AM +1100, M-L wrote:
> On Monday 04 December 2006 07:51, Michael Fothergill sent this for all our 
> perusal:
> >--->
> >---> Once it gets to that size would dual layered DVD iso images be
> > considered to ---> be parked in the repositories?
> >--->
> >--->
> >--->
> >---> Regards
> >--->
> >---> Michael Fothergill
> That might be all right, as long as the other option, single layer DVD's and 
> CD's is still available. Otherwise everyone would have to upgrade to dual 
> layer DVD's. That's probably a dumb answer. Because Debian would cut out the 
> other media.

Last I heard (which was a year or so ago) DVDs were not a reliable way 
to store data long-term -- or, at least, many brands/makes of DVDs were 
not and some might be, but it's not clear which was which.

Has this situation changed?  If not, it essential to keep the older 
storage formats.

-- hendrik

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