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Re: Sarge 3.1 installed. Can i add SATA support?

Javier Viegas wrote:
> Hi everyone, i have Debian Sarge 3.1 installed  as a file server, and i
> need
> to add another hard disk, as i already have the 4 ide ports bussy i can use
> sata ones to add a big sata hd, the problem is that sarge 3.1 doesn´t
> support sata controlers. I have an Asus mother  (P4P800-E Deluxe)  wich
> have
> an Intel  ICH5R  sata controller, plus a Promise  Raid sata controller, the
> question is, can i add drivers for my current  sarge 3.1 to support sata
> drives, and wich module  should i use and where can i get it?

Check if the sarge kernel from backports.org supports your controller.
It's 2.6.16. That would probably be the least disruptive solution.


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