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SOLVED: Re: SD card not being read from a card reader

H.S. wrote:


I am having trouble reading an SD card from a card reader (USB). The card works okay in the digital camera (Canon A520) and I can read and delete images from the card is the camera is directly connected to the computer via a USB cable (use digikam for the operations).
logical block 0
Dec  4 20:05:11 localhost kernel:  unable to read partition table
Dec 4 20:05:11 localhost kernel: Device not ready. Make sure there is a disc in the drive.
Dec  4 20:05:13 localhost last message repeated 2 times

Looks like something is wrong the formatting of the card perhaps? I

It turns out that that SD card and another SD card were not mounting on two different computers (one Debian the other running XP). So that indicated a hardware problem. One of the pins in the USB card reader that touches the contacts on the SD card had bent out of shape and wasn't touching the card's contacts anymore. A pair of tweezers helped to un-bend that pin and all is well now.


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