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Re: Mozilla resolving host problem

David Shultz wrote:
On 12/2/06, Ralph Katz wrote:

Yes, I have the same symptoms on sarge with firefox (from
mozilla tarball) and network.dns.disableIPv6 true.  While firefox is
resolving the address, I can bring up a terminal, $ host 'url' and get
an ip address long before firefox gets it.  The problem is very
intermittent and usually not a problem.  Restarting firefox seems to
help.  (Rarely, I plug the ip directly into firefox.)

Thanks for your reply. Do you know what is causing
this problem? Because in my case restarting firefox
or mozilla doesn't fix it.


Do you have the machine's LAN card in DHCP configuration or does it have a static address?

Is the machine connected to a router or to a modem?

I had noticed a similar problem at my parents home, running Ubuntu and Firefox, and IIRC giving the Ubuntu machine a fixed address seemed to have solved the problem.


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