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Re: aptitude --mind-your-own-business option?

Raquel wrote:
On Sat, 02 Dec 2006 18:54:36 +0200
Yuriy Padlyak <yura@cvt.com.ua> wrote:

Raquel wrote:
Is the problem, perhaps, because of the differences between apt
and aptitude?  I ran into the same problem when I first started
using aptitude.

What I did was to go into the interactive aptitude, deselected
those packages I didn't want removed and installed the package I
wanted.  When aptitude was finished installing the package, it
had created its own database and all went well after that point.

Could you please tell me, How did you deselected those packages,
You  didn't want removed? I tried recently without any success.

Thank you in advance.

Yuriy Padlyak

In the interactive mode, you press "g" to see the packages which are
being removed and/or installed.  There you can press "+" to deselect
those packages which are being removed, or you can press "_" to
deselect those packages which are being installed.  When you have
the list as you'd like (or as close as you can because of
dependencies) then you press "g" again to install/uninstall those

I hope that made sense.

Thank you Raquel, It helped a lot, not I can use aptitude for package management.

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