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Re: Mozilla resolving host problem

With great regret, the problem has shown its ugly face
again. mozilla again shows: Resolving host www.google.com
and a delay. I didn't have any problem until yesterday
when it started.

> By any chance, have you switched ISPs recently? You may
> still have the DNS addresses of the old ISP, so everytime
> it resolves an IP, it has to go to an outside nameserver

No I didn't change my isp.

> I cured it one by uninstalling avahi-daemon, as I
> don't have use any software that relies on this
> function(I did this just to stop an unnecessary daemon)

I'm using Debian Sarge and after looking into Synaptic,
have found that there is no Avahi-daemon on debian
Sarge(stable). Is there anything else I should do?


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