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Re: Mozilla resolving host problem

David Shultz wrote:
Whenever  I browse any website, mozilla says
"Resolving www.google.com <http://www.google.com>" and waits for about
15 seconds to resolve the host. I've disabled
ipv6 but the problem is still there. Also I've
checked the isp nameserver and they are fine.
Does anyone has the same problem?

This sounds like it could be a couple of things that I have run into. First, it could be an mDNS(multicast dns) problem. That gave me fits for a while. I cured it one by uninstalling avahi-daemon, as I don't have use any software that relies on this function(I did this just to stop an unnecessary daemon), and also editing my /etc/resolv.conf file so it didn't contain a line that used the word "local". This word being in resolv.conf is/was a bug in Avahi-daemon, IIRC, that caused all DNS lookups to be run as mDNS lookups first, and then go to the nameserver picked up through dhcp, or in /etc/network/interfaces if you're using static ip addresses, when the mDNS queries finally time out.

Second was the ipv6 lookups. I fixed that by blacklisting the ipv6 module and all those extraneous dns queries disappeared.

The way I found the mDNS problem with extremely long url resolution times was to start an ethereal/wireshark packet capture, and then fire up my browser. That's when I found that all dns queries were going to 224.0.0.xxx (mDNS). I think the bug is now fixed as I just reinstalled a laptop a few days ago and I didn't have to make any changes in resolv.conf. DNS worked correctly from the very first, and that hadn't happened with any Etch installs I'd done in the last month or so.

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