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Re: BIOS upgrade

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I need to upgrade my BIOS.

Generally it seems to involve getting freedos and putting it on a floppy with the updates.

Googling isn't clear on recent reports.

Has anyone done this lately and specifically how?



Usually when I've upgraded a BIOS, the thing to do was go find the information on how to do so (along with the appropriate files for doing so) at my motherboard manufacturer's website. The basic idea is that your motherboard manufacturer takes care of your BIOS, and if you know who that is, you can probably find everything you need on their website.

If you have a custom built computer, you probably know that someone like ASUS or Gigabyte made your motherboard. So you should go look for this information on their website. If you bought a proprietary, pre-built system from someone like Dell, Compaq, or Gateway, then you can probably find what you need on their website.

For instance, I've upgraded the BIOS on a Dell before, and I just found all the released BIOS versions along with instructions for how to upgrade on Dell's website, by going to "Support" and then searching for the *computer* model. I've also upgraded a custom built computer's BIOS, and in that case I went to ASUS's website (because that's who built the motherboard) and found the same information by looking for the *motherboard* model.

Hope that helps,
- GM

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