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Re: Single board for debian.

On Sat, 2006-12-02 at 08:08 -0800, Ottavio Caruso wrote:

> How did you do that? I mean, how did you squeeze sarge on 128MB?
> I have a 'minimal' sarge install: 190 MB and it's barely usable!
> Ottavio

I've gotten it that small on a similar board. Very small monolithic
kernel (no modules) no perl, minimal python, and only the very basic
core utils. Also scrap all documentation, source packages and anything
else not absolutely essential to running your specific application. Mine
had a 2MB (stripped) version of PHP4 that only included the basics +
sockets. I used lighttpd vs apache.

No gcc, really .. its more like a ghost town than Debian. The idea is
its Debian well suited for only one or two specific applications.. not
really functional for anything else.

If you take a look at something like ttylinux or DSL, you'll get an idea
of what to rip out. The end result is more of a 'fat' chroot than a
sarge install .. but technically its still a sarge install. A little bit
of decision making on the economics of space vs ram usage for statically
linked binaries vs using shared libs also helps.

You can also start with an image from www.jailtime.org and begin taking
stuff out.. its already stripped down quite a bit from how debbootstrap
finished it. Grab what you want from kernel.org, build it and
populate /boot and go from there :) Can do it all from chroot and just
cp -dpR to the cf media once you get it to the desired size.

I think its probably easier to just use ttylinux and add more vs rip
out, but I really like being on familiar (Debian) ground when working on
SMM systems.

Its fun to do if you have some time to kill just to see how small you
can get it while retaining the functionality you want. Try making a
firewall or some other kind of appliance, use Xen to test it if you feel
adventurous :) You don't need the actual board in hand to be able to
play as long as you stay in the 2.6 hemisphere.


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