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Re: Re: Migrating system to RAID-1/LVM

> I would think that 'rsync -a' would be better than tar. 

Thanks - I'll investigate rsync.
> Also, I would 
> boot a LiveCD (unfurtonately, Knoppix does not have RAID or LVM support,
> IIRC) and do it from there that way you can keep all your partitions
> unmounted unil you are ready for them and you do not risk further
> corruption by moving stuff over from a running system, as would be the
> case if you had some sort of database running.

Well, I have plenty of free space on hdb, so I could put in a small Etch 
install there and boot it to do the copying (or rsyncing).

At least I have everything in a separate, corruption-free install now, so I 
should be able to do much harm no matter what I do to hda and hdc.


David Bruce

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