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Re: aptitude --mind-your-own-business option?

On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 06:38:46AM -0600, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> * Ken Irving <fnkci@uaf.edu> [061202 06:26]:
> > On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 05:34:23AM -0600, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> > Does synaptic do something better than apt-get?  It doesn't appear to
> > be very usable on a command-line, looking at aptitude show synaptic.
> Unless you are not running X, why is that a problem?

I don't have X on servers (running stable), but even on workstations 
I prefer to not "get into" an application where a simple command will
do the job.  (Some tense moments inside deselect come to mind, but
maybe that was due to my inaptitude to figure out/read/learn its
key mappings.)

> The fact is that Debian installs synaptic by default.  I have been
> using synaptic exclusively for nearly a year, and have experienced
> none of the woes others on this list say they are encountering with
> aptitude and apt-get.  
> I am not a crusader regarding this matter.  Synaptic works for me and
> has been trouble-free.  And, importantly, it is not nearly as easy to
> get in trouble when using synaptic as it is when using aptitude or
> apt-get; I speak from experience.

I can appreciate that, but I'm used to using apt-get and it seems to
do what's needed.   Just figured to try aptitude (etc.) based on all
the glowing reports I've seen on the list, but I'm not convinced of
its (nor synaptic's) advantages over apt-get.


Ken Irving, fnkci@uaf.edu

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