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Re: aptitude --mind-your-own-business option?

* Ken Irving <fnkci@uaf.edu> [061202 06:26]:
> On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 05:34:23AM -0600, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> Does synaptic do something better than apt-get?  It doesn't appear to
> be very usable on a command-line, looking at aptitude show synaptic.

Unless you are not running X, why is that a problem?

> >From another thread:
> > >
> > > Meanwhile, Debian installs "synaptic" by default.  Use synaptic
> > > instead of aptitude.
> > 
> > Au contraire...  The docs are quite explicit about this: use *aptitude*.

The fact is that Debian installs synaptic by default.  I have been
using synaptic exclusively for nearly a year, and have experienced
none of the woes others on this list say they are encountering with
aptitude and apt-get.  

I am not a crusader regarding this matter.  Synaptic works for me and
has been trouble-free.  And, importantly, it is not nearly as easy to
get in trouble when using synaptic as it is when using aptitude or
apt-get; I speak from experience.


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