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Re: minimal kde system for amarok?

On Friday 01 December 2006 14:24, Matt Price wrote:
> Hi,
> I am building a linux stereo for xmas.  Basically I'm making it out of
> an old ibm thinkpad and an iPod w/ rockbox.
> I want to install a fairly minimal set of packages as I really don't
> want the machine to feel sluggish -- it should act like a smart stereo
> component, not a slow-bu-versatile computer.
> I intend to run amarok on the system -- I haven't seen anything that
> comes close in terms of features and stability.  THe thing is, kde
> always feels REALLY slow on this machine.  I mean, REALLY slow.  So my
> question:  is it possible to install a MINIMAL kde which can handle
> amarok but doesn't sap the life out of my poor l'il old cpu?  if so
> how would I do htis?  Ir could I e.g. run a very simple wondow manager
> that doesn't depend even on gtk?  I am hesitant to run a mixed gtk/qt
> system as I have limited resources and responsiveness is a priority.

I haven't tried it myself but I think installing amarok on a machine will just 
bring in the essentials of kde that it needs to run (assuming kde isn't 
already installed). You might need to install a package or ten manually if 
you wanted kde to be useful for anything else.

I did that once with krusader and got a very minimal kde. Worth a try I think.
> Alternatively, is there a gtk alternative to amaork that comes close?
> I haven't used banshee for a while -- how is t hat shaping up?  Do its
> mono dependencies make it similarly 'heavy' to amarok?

I find rhythmbox from gnome to be very close to amarok but I'm not sure if 
it's a gtk app (I don't think so).

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