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Re: Media player

Brian Durant wrote:

> So, now that this problem is solved, I still need to deal with the
> original issue I posted about, which succinctly put is that I am a
> newbie mucking around trying to get all of the multimedia goodies
> installed. I have Helix and I have installed the w32codex, gstreamer,
> etc. However, Either I haven't installed everything or I have
> installed something that I shouldn't have.
> I get the following from the gnome-cd player:
> Error playing CD.
> Reason: Resource busy or not available.
> Goobox can't even find the CD (plus sometimes quits as soon as it
> starts) and Rythmbox and VLC refuse to play any audio files,
> regardless of whether they are .ogg, .mp3, etc.
> I thought I was just following the process for get multimedia to work,
> but there is definitely something not right here. Any ideas?

Yes, make sure that your user is in the audio and cdrom groups.  Have
you read this?  http://wiki.debian.org/SoundFAQ

NB Automatix is quite well known for breaking stuff.

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