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Help: Developing Free Debian Trainings


I'd like to announce a new project in order to gain world domination for
Debian. It's my little pet project and I call it "The Tipii Project" [1].

The short term goal of the Tipii Project is to train people in the use
of Debian GNU/Linux.

The long term goal is to create a set of trainings that will eventually
lead to Debian Certification, ala Red Hat Certified.

Since no company is giving Debian trainings that _I_ know of, I figure I
might just as well do it myself. And have fun doing it!

Under the name of "The Tipii Project", me and a couple of friends have
just started to develop a set of Debian trainings. This is the earliest
of beginnings, but it is a beginning.

The idea is to learn by teaching others. By giving a training about any
given subject, you will learn more about that subject than you did. You
will also learn more about yourself as a bonus. 

How do we intend to do this? Well:
- Learn how to give technical trainings
- Teach others to give trainings
- Develop trainings
- Develop workshops
- Host trainings
- Host workshops
- Bring Developers and EndUsers closer together
- Learn from other experts about any given subject
- Have fun

There's probably a lot more to do, but this is where we're at right now. 

The Current Rules: 
* All materials must be compatible with Debian standards (DFSG)
* In order to enroll into a training, you must have read certain
  materials or have certain skill (Assessment).
* All materials will be developed in the open using open tools and

And so, on the 17th of December 2006, I will be hosting the first
Unofficial Debian Training in Utrecht, the Netherlands!

I would love to hear what ideas and possibilities this list sees for the
Tipii-Project and it's goals. 

One concrete problem I'm having right now is: How do I enable
open-development of a project such as this? I've set up a subversion
repository and a Trac-wiki, but am afraid to open up the wiki for the
world. Dito with the subversion repo. Does anyone have an idea what I'm
talking about and how to set this up? 

Also, I would like to invite anyone that would like to help out to join
our Brand New Crew on our Mailinglist: http://lists.tipii-project.org

Kind regards and thanks for your input, 


[1] http://www.tipii-project.org

|      T i p i i P r o j e c t    |        Maarten Verwijs       |
|    Sharing the Joy of Debian    |     maarten@projectie.com    |
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