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Re: Laptop choice?

Marc Shapiro wrote:
> Baz wrote:
>> Thinkpad - it's the standard by which all others are measured...
> Yes, but I still can't afford to pony up the price of a new Thinkpad.

I adviced my girlfriend to buy a used thinkpad. It's not a current
model, but was good value for money. She's never had anything to
complain about.

You should look at thinkwiki.org for that excellent documentation on
thinkpads. I guess that almost any laptop that's not a thinkpad will
have less documentation and more risk of what is supported and what not.

YMMV, but also try to consider the amount of time/effort it might take
to get it working. A collegue bought a laptop that is also sold with
suse preinstalled. Installing debian etch was possible, but getting
graphics, sata, etc, to work took *a lot of effort* (and doesn't work
with stable sarge).


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