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dumb question about blind upgrades....

Dear Debian people,

I noticed some discussion on the list about blind upgrades. I assume this means that you type apt-get upgrade as root on your machine and let it run as it wishes......

I use Sarge 3.1 r3 on a 1200 MHz AMD Duron chip on a bog standard PC.

I loaded it using 15 CD's I downloaded from one of the debian sites. I noticed that it seems as though Sarge 3.1 r4 is now out. When I installed r3 I think I set it up to assume that new packages would come from CDs not the internet except for security updates which it gets from the debian security web address.

Today I typed in apt-get upgrade as root and the machine updated the package list and installed 4 more packages and upgraded a lot of security features.

My fairly dumb question is: did I just get the security package updates or did I upgrade to r4?

The other question I have is: if I am using Sarge with a bog standard desktop install with gnome and open office etc and all I really do is work on word processing and spreadsheets plus some web browsing and don't fart around with source installations rpm installations or backports etc., then would a blind upgrade to Etch be reasonably safe for me to proceed with when it becomes stable?

What I think would be useful would be if you ran a small business and you had ten employees each running a PC and doing much the same as me and thus their activities were innocous enough that you could do a blind upgrade on all the PC's very quickly and know that it would be OK.

This would save a lot of farting around that goes on with other OSes.

I would even go as far as to deliberately avoid using any package in any configuration that would make the upgrade harder. Provided the basic functions above work well, this could go a long way in many situations and save a lot of time and money.....

Comments appreciated.

Michael Fothergill

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