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Re: Debian sub-menu gone from Gnome

On Tue, 2006-11-21 at 11:34 -0500, Max Hyre wrote:
>    Dear Debianists:
>    Sometime in the last day or two my menu entry for
> Applications > Debian has disappeared.
>    I'm running unstable, using Gnome for my desktop.  I've
> frequently used the Debian submenu, since the Gnome menus
> can be pitiful.  (Example:  for ever since I can remember,
> the Applications > Applications menu has had precisely one
> entry:  Gnotepad+.)  I'd look in the Debian menu to find
> most stuff.  I just checked (21 November, 1550 UTC) and my
> system's up-to-date with unstable.
>    I've been following this list for a few months, and have
> seen nothing related to it, nor does a search of the
> archives yield anything.
>    Anyone seen anything related?  Have any thoughts?  Is
> there a better list to ask?

Is the "menu" package still installed on your system?
There was an update on this package on 11 November, so perhaps something
went wrong with it.



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