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help! my usb keyboard works only slightly on install

I am installing on AMD64 using the netinst CD, from testing.  This has
happening (apparently just to me??) for months with various versions of
installer.  During various selections, such as "what is your hostname"
"what is your username" and "what is the root password", none of the
letters work...it's as if "control" is held down all the time.  The
keypad will work though, but I can't get any regular key to work...the
key works, the arrow keys and tab works, so I can zip through the
install using
all default values but if I have to type something in, no go.  I got
through this
on my last install by plugging in a PS/2 keyboard, but now I'm
installing on a machine
(SUN x4100) that only has USB.  These are different keyboards I'm using,
so it's
not just the coffee I've dribbled in, but a real bug.  Except I don't
see anyone
else having it (that Google is showing me, anyway).  What's with that???

The current installer INSISTS on a username.  I think I might have been
able to
finesse that with ESC-ESC.  But isn't there some obvious bug here?  Does
else do AMD64 installs with USB keyboards, and it's just me, or does
that combination
just not work?

On the good side, the installer recognizes and installs on the fancy SAS
attached SCSI) drives that the x4100 has.  On the bad side, the root
password is 888.

David Gluss
408 866 4125 x307 

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