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Re: strange email link

Mathias Brodala wrote:
Hello Hugo.

Hugo Vanwoerkom, 14.11.2006 17:14:
They have a page:

But the email links don't work.

They expand to such:

I see, stupid people.

I suspect that this is a case of "M$ only" but I don't know.

I can’t tell you why the link itself doesn’t work, but I can tell you how to get
the adresses. Run the following in your address bar:

javascript:alert(decryptString('nbjmup+qefibsuAdp/mfxjt.dmbsl/nu/vt', -1));

(Replace „nbjmup+qefibsuAdp/mfxjt.dmbsl/nu/vt“ with the garbage you want to have

Anybody make sense out of those email links?

If you can’t get the above to work, I can tell you at least the username in

I put
javascript:alert(decryptString('nbjmup+qefibsuAdp/mfxjt.dmbsl/nu/vt', -1));

in the Location bar and nothing happens.

I tried that in Seamonkey and FF 2.0 + javascript is enabled.



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