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how to build custom XEN kernels

Hi thers!

How do I build custom XEN kernels?

I did read the documentation, but it did not help much.

/usr/share/doc/xen-utils-3.0.3-1/README.Debian.gz says this:

 Should you want to roll your own kernel this is the way you do it. First
   download from http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-xen/ the kernel patch
   for your version of xen.  Then download the relevant kernel from kernel.org,
   apply the patch, configure and build your kernel in the standard way (with
   kernel package). 

Now, here come the problems.

1. I can not find any patches at the given address.
   Looking a bit harder, I found the page http://alioth.debian.org/frs/?group_id=30894
   (but this page does not seem to be linked from http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-xen/ ),
   which does indeed contain patches, but there is no 3.0.3 version.

2. I find the instructions above somewhat strange. Whe do I have to download anything
   from kernel.org? Should not it be possible to build anything from linux-source-2.6.18,
   or at least from the linux-2.6 source package? (The binary XEN kernels are built from
   the linux-2.6 source package, too.)

Thank you for your help!

    Kristof Csillag

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