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Re: what's up with all the attitude

> I am not sure about /usr/share/doc but I did download and read the
> very fine handbook.

That's the one.

> However, a lot of stuff wasn't covered and so I
> had to turn to the community.  Didn't do so on the mailing list,
> though BSDForums was a pretty good place to start.  But, it really is
> a very intimidating crowd over there.  Makes Debian look like the girl
> scouts in some ways.

Not, in my opinion. Try stable, security
and mobility (if you have laptop).
No-one on open/freebsd lists will learn
"newbie" first steps. Lot of people are
pros and have no time for pleasure. It is
business for them (believe it or not).

> BTW, way off topic, but I actually really liked FreeBSD.  But not
> being able to find any way to upgrade packages installed from binaries
> without having to compile them from ports pretty much killed it for
> me.  I don't need bleeding edge, but I do like security fixes and the
> like, and I don't have twenty hours to compile Java, OOo or
> kdelibs. If, of course, I end up running that stuff.

Could be tricky, if you don't want to
jump from trapeze all day. :-)

You may try freebsd-update for instance.
Works for binary updates thanks to Colin
Percival. Not a real woodoo, but makes you
happy, if you like to be happy.
Btw, woodoo folks never use X. They live
in console and go out from the box once
in a year. (To take a bath, if necessary.)


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