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Re: Is a kernel upgrade necessary ?

Nicolas Pillot:
> But i just noticed the kernel was still the same (2.2.20), although
> there are newer 2.4.X and 2.6.X kernels out there. So my questions are
> :
> - is it worth an upgrade ?

If you don't have a problem: no. You *may* have problems with udev or
something like that (ever rebooted after the upgrade to sarge?), but
otherwise I think all should be fine.

On the other hand: if there are local users on this machine who you do
not trust, upgrading to the latest 2.4 kernel might be a good idea (from
a security standpoint).

> - is it as simple as an apt-get install kernel-image-xxx ?


> - P75 is i586. does apt-get choose the right architecture ?
>  if not, should i select 2.4.x-x-386 or 2.4.x-x-586tsc (named
> "Pentium-Classic") ?
>  I'd say the later.

You pick the architecture automatically by specifying a package name
that includes the architecture.

> - finally, there is no 2.6.x-x-586tsc. If i want 2.6, do i have to go "back"
>  to i386 ? Would this be a problem "performance" wise ?

I don't think so.

>  In this case,
>  would it be a possible option to compile the latest kernel on the 586 ?

Sure, just grab the corresponding source package (or vanilla sources
from kernel.org) and compile it. You don't even need to compile it on
the target machine, since passing around a kernel-image-x.y.z.deb is
really easy.

> - i have no quick physical access on that machine and i'm planning to
>  do the upgrade via ssh. Would there be any special pb ?

> - is it normal that "dpkg --get-selections \*" doesn't show me any
>  kernel-image with the "install" status ?

I do not remember how woody handled these things but I think a default
install always contains a Debian kernel image package. But that might
have been removed.

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