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Re: "processor" acpi module permanently throttles processor

> > An old laptop I have supports ACPI, but when I use ACPI, the processor
> > becomes very slow.  Without ACPI enabled, it runs fine.

I've googled for generic options in kernel configura-
tion. Then asked old friend for his suse conf file.
Both are the same. Have acpi enabled, acpi_processor
enabled, also cpu_freq. That post to mean that the
system is saving the power.
Laptops have to last longer, so the consumption should
be deplated. Processor frequency goes down, in this
case. My celeron of 1400 runs at lazy 174. Cool as breeze.

> > With ACPI on, /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/throttling (I think that's
> > right) shows 8 states, with the highest one active.  The highest one
> > is not 100% though, rather 80% or so.  The way it runs, it seems more
> > like 20%; just reading man pages on a console is annoying.
> > It seems like this slowness does not start until the "processor"
> > module is loaded.  Is there some way to blacklist the processor
> > module?  I think I need to do it in the initrd somehow, because the
> > processor module is loaded before any filesystems are mounted.
> > Running Etch on i386; processor speed is 366Mhz.  I've looked for BIOS
> > updates (PhoenixBIOS) unsuccessfully.

Some thing could be done. Try out with
"sysctl -a". Find apropriate option and
read manual on it.
If fails, you could always recompile the
kernel. To remove tons of superfluous op-
tions (aka drivers). Lapper will breath
again, hopefuly.


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