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Re: cable modem connection slower then dial up

> I have a cable modem connected to a router that connects to a Windows
> XP machine and my Debian linux machine.  Internet on the Windows XP
> machine is extremely fast and the Debian machine is slower than dial up
> (no joke! night and day difference!)  What is wrong with the Debian
> machine?

I've seen your ping results. Better than
my probes.
To debug this issue, power down all devi-
ces. Computers, router, modem. Power up
modem, then router, wait to get ip address,
then boot boxes. Check router configuration.
Try with linux only. Change cable for debian
box. Check routing table on debian.

For next mail, send details on router type,
model. Dhcp, static addresses. Any rules
on this router? Arp and route data. Default
route. Traceroute to somewhere. Post to the
list some info.

To my surprise, when the problem is solved,
the solution is rarely posted to the list.
This way would be less questions of the same
type. Archives could sufice.


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