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Re: laptop install and drivers

On (02/11/06 13:31), ChadDavis wrote:
> Hey.  This may be a dumb question, but . . .

No :)

> I'm doing my first install on a laptop.  I have found that I need to track
> down drivers for both my ethernet and wireless cards.  I already found them,
> I think, but I am curious as to how I make them available to the install
> process.  The install talks about inserting a floppy or something, but my
> laptop does not have a floppy.  What is the standard way to make a
> extraneous driver available to the installer?

If you have a wired ethernet connection, I wouldn't worry about the
wireless card until you've completed the install.  You can then have the
advantage of an x-window environment to get wireless sorted - it can be
a bit tricky.

If your kit is fairly recent then you may need the etch (testing) or
sid(unstable) .iso.  Either of those should recognise your NIC if sarge
(stable) doesn't.  I would use the netinst.iso which is typically less
than 150Mb; once you do the basic install all the remaining packages are
downloaded off the net as you need them.

Check out the fine installation manual for your architecture.



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