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Re: Diagnosing occassional random reboots

David Jardine wrote:

"Tucked away in the loft", you say. Is dust building up somewhere along your power supply line? In a multiple-socket extension, perhaps. A long shot, but I once had this problem. I think the dust caused momentary short circuits, not long enough to blow a fuse but long enough to cut the power to the computer, while the dust burnt away - but I'm no electrician.


It's certainly a possibility. I don't think it's running too hot though. Once while wondering how to increase ventilation I realised that leaving the sides of might help! And the harddrives have a slot empty spacing between them. According to xmbmom the mobo and cpu never go above 28C. Of course, having no case to protect it does leave it exposed, but it *looks* pretty clean.


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