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Re: flashplugin-nonfree: Flash Player 9 beta

Marc Shapiro wrote:

Jochen Schulz wrote:

Marc Shapiro:
What is the likelihood that this will actually make it into Etch before the December release?

What is the likelyhood of etch being released in December? :->

Seriously, I hate to say it, but http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/
doesn't look very convincing that the schedule can be met.

But, once it does get into Sid, or whatever testing will be, then it is almost certain to get backported so that those of us that prefer a 'stable' machine can get to all the sites that want 'the most current version of Flash' which seems to include sites like nickjr.com and noggin.com. Both of these worked until recently, but now I am having problems with them, and my daughter (almost 6 years old) really likes the games.

Ooops! I missed that you were suggesting that Etch would not make the December release, and were not referring to Flash Player 9. Well, if Etch takes a little longer then that leaves more4 time for Flash Player 9 to make it in. And if not, then there is always backports.

Marc Shapiro

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