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Re: document processing

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In article <7bv4H-5ra-15@gated-at.bofh.it>, Douglas Tutty wrote:
> I'm revisiting how I make documents.  I have been using lout since I
> started with linux in 2000
> My primary use is for letters and notes but also larger projects.  I
> don't like wysiwyg.  I want to be able to make: ps, pdf, txt, html.
> I want something that is simple, probably a markup language, but without
> excessivly long tags or difficulty changing things like margins for
> non-html output.
> What do people find works well?

LaTeX just gets better.  Every time I do a non-trivial document
in anything else, I regret it.  Larger projects -> LaTeX.

For trivial documents, KWord is better than I expected; I like
it a lot better than Openoffice Writer.

If you don't like WYSIWYG and you have to give a slide show,
check out mgp (MagicPoint).


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