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Re: argh! linux and floppies

On 30.10.06 11:45, Mark Grieveson wrote:
> I've been following this thread with interest, since I was the one who 
> initially expressed his exasperation over Linux coughing up floppies 
> like so much sour milk.
> Anyway, I finally did find a floppy that was actually mounted by my 
> system (of course, later, my computer rejected it as not worthy also.)  
> Anyway, I did try this superformat on it, with the following result 
> (which, of course, is the Linux computer coughing it up as a snobby 
> vintner coughs up regular wine):

I have bad experiences with floppies - they can be easily broken by dust
(some floppies are unusable after few years), drives have to be cleaned etc

Maybe this is your problem too...

> debian:/home/mark# superformat /dev/fd0 hd
> Verifying cylinder  5, head 1 error during command execution
>   66 04 05 01 01 02 12 1b ff
> 44 20 20 05 01 0d 02

I'd say this is a bad floppy. 
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