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Re: inode spike issue.

I figured out what was doing it.

It was the /etc/cron.daily/find script which is installed to update the updatedb database.

I wouldn't think this would slow the system down but I've sure noticed a difference.

Is there a command that will give inode stats.. for example open inodes, inode table size.

Should the number of open inodes affect performance?

On 10/28/06, Tim Post <tim.post@netkinetics.net> wrote:
Is slocate installed? Did you notice a process named updatedb running
when this happens?


On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 16:12 -0700, Anthony Tippett wrote:
> When my cron.daily scripts run there is a huge spike in my open inodes
> and inode table size.  This also causes my system to start slowing
> down
> dramatically.
> Does anyone know any ideas on how to diagnosis this.  See what all
> the
> inodes are being opened for?
> My only thought was lsof but the open files listed in there don't seem
> to add up to the 250K inodes that are open.
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Anthony Tippett - 425 443 3152
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