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Re: Networking down but seems ok... ?!

Nicolas Pillot wrote:
2006/10/30, Russell L. Harris <rlharris@oplink.net>:
A quick and inexpensive work-around is simply to purchase a network card
which is supported and is recognized automatically by Etch
Ok. I'll unplug the one from my good ol' P75 sarge server, and finish
the install cleanly.

Life is too short to squander upon hardware issues which readily can be
True. But does that mean i'll use this other card forever, or that
i'll help me solve the configuration problem with the nforce
controller by finishing the install cleanly ?

I saw there were binary drivers for the nvidia controller. I read that
they were for slackware / red hat / suse / fedora. I guess there isn't
any debian-"compatible" version around... is it ?

I assumed that the first priority was completing the installation and getting the system running.

My experience has been that, once Debian is installed and configured, you can switch out network cards and the system automatically recognizes and configures itself for the new card upon booting.

For drivers for the nforce card, you'll have to ask around and Google. In most cases, it's really not a matter of compatibility; however, I recently tried to use a Netgear card which I later discovered (after searching on Google) is a poor design and gives everyone trouble; I physically destroyed the card, so that neither I nor anyone else would lose more time trying to make it work.

Rather, it's a matter of whether the network chip manufacturer has released sufficient specifications to enable the free software community to figure out how to work with the device. Conversely, manufacturers make sure that Micro$oft has all the information which is required.


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